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123Mommy&Me is a one-of-a-kind interactive child-parent bonding class. The age-specific curriculum is unique with courses for 1 year olds, 2 year olds and 3 year olds.

The course has gone through years of extensive research with industry professionals and experts. Jenn Viola holds a Masters Degrees in elementary education and has diverse background in working with children of all ages including special needs. Through family bonding and communication exercises, you will not only enrich your life but feel closer to your baby or toddler.  Let us help enhance your child’s cognitive development, improve their social skills, and have tons of fun along the way! Learn more about the instructors.

ali and jenn viola

Miss Jenn and Miss Ali

Why?  “Child-Parent” bonding provides a unique sense of security that fosters self esteem. The activities will help your little one grow and flourish. The mission of the course is to help educate and empower new parents through these family bonding activities. Children will be stimulated through music, movement, and art.  The kids will also build self-confidence and self-esteem through innovative martial arts games and instruction.

The Allegheny Shotokan “Viola Karate” Martial Arts school is a pillar of the community, mentoring thousands of children over 50 years.  The school was established by William Viola Sr., a retired public school teacher serving over 30 years at the East Allegheny School District.  Viola’s son, Bill Viola Jr., now serves as director of Kumite Classic Entertainment.

Each class is 45 minutes and orchestrated to be fun an for infants as they are stimulated through music and age-appropriate activities.

  • infant development
  • parenting, discipline
  • sensory stimulation
  • fine motor skills
  • repetition
  • martial arts hand-eye coordination